Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now on iTunes!

"The Brian Craig Show" is now on iTunes! Just type the name of the show in the search and you can listen...on another note, anyone out there into extreme couponing? Brian and I watch the show and we want to get into it, but are not sure where to intimidates me...since Florida does not double coupons, we cannot get the massive savings the people on the show get...well see how it goes...any savings is good :) I am tired of talking about gun control, so I am bugging Brian to find something else to discuss...he tells me to come up with ideas, but that is not always easy...guess I'll go search some websites and see what is happening today...we will probably be having a show today at some point, so keep checking Facebook for show updates.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another year almost gone...

Well, here it is the end of 2012 and so much has happened...whew! Obama won reelection, the Mayan calendar did not mark the end of the world, we are still in massive debt, unemployment is still too high, and politicians are still spending too much money...let's hope 2013 is a better one for all Americans. Brian and I were driving around today doing some shopping and we still cannot believe how many places have gone out of business...we drove through two plazas in Parkland and they are both about 50-60% empty...such a bad time for small business...what has Obama done at all to help Americans? I cannot think of a darn week will be the new year. It is my prayer that we will begin to see a long period of prosperity and growth...I hope there is less violence in the media and in the world...with more acts of grateful for those in your life and for the love you have:) Brian and I love doing the show together and we are so grateful for our families and for you! Thanks for following and I will try to update before the end of the year...God bless :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sorry have not posted...

I keep forgetting to update this blog...arrgggh! Anyway, Brian had to go to the hospital today to see his dad...he goes there a few times a week and he thought we could try doing the show while he was on his way this meant I had to take the helm in the studio...I was a little nervous at first, but I have to admit...I kinda liked it better than just calling maybe I can talk him into letting me lead the show more often.  We are gearing up for Christmas...two weeks away now...our daughter's gift list seems to get more and more expensive each year...this year, the iphone 5 is at the top of her list...I don't even have a cell phone myself!  But, of course..we will get her what she wants :)  She is a good kid and deserves it.  Hope you all have a great day and please continue to listen to our daily podcast.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Seems I keep forgetting to update this blog :)  It is the holiday season and my memory is not what it once was...anyway, we are gearing up for Thanksgiving...Tomorrow morning we will be delivering food to the needy through our church...after we watch the Macy's parade of course...then Brian, Emily, and I go out to eat every year; it is a tradition... I hate to cook! Our parents go with us, which is nice. I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. Brian and I do not buy each other gifts usually.  We have Emily and some nieces and nephews that come first...we will typically get something we need for the house as a present to us is no big deal.  There is nothing I really need or want anyway...just new lungs and no one can give me that!  So, the show has been cooking this week...  We have been on just over 6 weeks and have already reached 15,000 listeners!  WOW!  You guys rock!  I hope it is entertaining to listen to. Do you think Obama will try to push Susan Rice through as Secty of State?  Do you think she is his special lady friend?  We shall see.  I think he is defending her a little too much...hmmm...have a very Happy show tomorrow, but there may be one later today.  Brian is visiting his dad in the hospital today...he is getting better :) Count your blessings and God bless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Been a little busy...

Sorry I have not been keeping up with Brian's blog in the last few weeks.  I had to get admitted into the hospital for a sinus infection and then I had my annual cardiac cath yesterday. It never ends when you are chronically sick.  In fact...Brian and I wrote a book together about dealing with chronic disease in a marriage.  It is written from my perspective, as the patient, and from Brian's point of view as the caregiver. It is available on in digital format.
Here is the link:
We are also doing another podcast, starting this week, on <> where I am the host and Brian is my co-host.  It is called "In Sickness & Not Health," like our book.  We will be doing a 30 minute show a few times a week dealing specifically with chronic illness and how it affects our lives and our marriage.  I will put a link to the first show as soon as we record it :)

We have a podcast on The Brian Craig Show today at 1:00 PM so please tune in if you can or listen to the archived show my clicking the link on this blog.

Have a nice week, Kathy

Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy Day

Unfortunately, we did not have time to do a podcast today.  I had to go to my mom's and then we had to visit Brian's dad in the hospital. He is doing better :)  Shocking news on FOX today that the two marines that were killed in Benghazi went against orders to try to rescue Chris Stevens.  Apparently, someone in the White House ordered them to stand down when they requested to go and rescue the Ambassador...after the second stand down order, they went in anyway and were killed trying to save his life.  Such a sad story and one all of the other networks are ignoring except FOX...thank goodness for them!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trump fizzles...

Well, after a much hyped announcement, Trump finally released his "big" news...many people speculated as to what that news would be...Obamas college transcripts?  A divorce?  His passport application showing he is truly not American...none of the above...his BIG announcement was that he would donate 5 million to any charity IF Obama released his college transcripts...what?  You heard me.  Trump does not have the records himself, he wants to buy the records...we were very disappointed in this announcement to say the least.  Brian and I were glued to our iPads at noon yesterday in hopeful anticipation waiting for Trump "game changing" fizzled, big time.  I am sure Obama had a good laugh...wonder of he was nervous at all before Trumps big move?  Egos are a funny thing, especially in men.  I always say, "Egos are expensive." this will cost Trump some respect and dignity...not that he had much dignity to begin with...anyway, the election moves on and nothing earth shattering has happened...yet...does Obama have an October surprise coming?  We shall see.  For me, I cannot wait for this election to end...Brian and I are hoping and praying this will be the end of Obamas reign...but, we do not want to get too excited.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What time period would you love to visit?

Brian and I are sitting here watching a documentary on Broadway in the 1920's.  I guess it is like the movie, "Midnight in Paris;" I want to go back to the 20's...just for a NYC.  How exciting it must have been...Brian feels our time is special and years from now people will wish they could come back here...I me, the early 20th century was so exciting, creative, and romantic...minus the years of 1929-1941 of course.  The depression was no fun for anyone...unless you were an entertainer, I suppose.  Maybe we will discuss it on an upcoming podcast...maybe.  Bring feels this time is the most interesting and exciting...with all the technology and the Internet.  It is a great time, but maybe I am a victim of old movies.  I just romanticize Pre-1950 twentieth century America. What fun it would have been to be a Ziegfeld girl in the 20's!  For me, not for Brian, obviously :) what do you think?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday night.

Spending the evening watching an old Clark Gable movie with Brian.  This is Kathy and I am usually the one that keeps up his blog :) The election is getting so close.  I cannot wait to see Obama leave office...don't want to jinx it, but I am keeping my fingers crossed..and saying lots of prayers as well. I wonder if Obama is nervous?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Been spending my Sunday putting in a new water heater.  My last one exploded this morning on me.  My father in law is a handy guy so he helped me put it in.  Other than that and going to church today, I have also been working on putting together a new audio file comprised of different people calling Obama a communist.  Less than a month away from the big election.  We cannot wait to see what is going to happen.  If Obama wins, it will be a disaster, but America will survive.  If Romney wins, the economic recovery can begin.  BTW, Obama's camp keeps saying Romney has no ideas to turn the economy around, which he does (his five-point plan)...what has Obama offered?  Nothing...the same old socialist ideas.  I am hoping in the next debate Romney pins him down and asks him point blank how HE plans to fix things...hmmm.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Guest today

Sorry I have not written in a week; with my father still in the hospital and my wife's ongoing health issues, she has pulmonary hypertension, it can get hectic.  The show is doing well and we should hit 10,000 listeners very soon.  We are excited so many people are tuning in to our daily show.  Today, I will be interviewing a man whose group has predicted every Presidential race successfully since 1980...guess who he says will win this election. Of course we will talk about last night's debate and Biden's uncontrollable laughing and smirking. Tell us what you think.  Call in live!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Today's show.

We were not able to do the podcast at 1:00 today.  Next week, we should be able to have a more regular time scheduled. We are going to aim for 1:00 PM daily starting next Monday.  We may do a show later today.  Stay in touch with FB and we will post it there a few minutes in advance.  You can always listen to the show anytime.  All are archived on BTR (blogtalkradio).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Live at 1:00 PM today!

The podcast is really taking off and we are getting lots of listeners and callers.  Yesterday, Jimmy from NY called in to talk about the Catholic religion and how agrees with us that chuch is not about entertainment.  He also suggested we decide on a set time everyday for the podcast.  So, we are going to TRY to do the show daily at 1:00 PM.  Problem is, tomorrow I am going to a meeting with Steve and will not be able to do the show at this time.  So, we will aim for 1 o'clock, but keep in mind, things come up.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will Republicans vote for anyone with an "R" next to their name?

I'm hearing from conservative friends that Mitt Romney isn't running a good campaign. They tell me they don't see him on TV, or read much about what he's doing.  I'm also hearing people say that Obama is ahead in the polls in the  Battleground states. Are those the polls that are over sampling Democrats?

Romney may not be the best candidate for us true conservatives, (I voted for Newt in the Florida Primary) but any Republican would have our vote, no matter who they are. 

Maybe Mitt is running a smart campaign by going after people who don't vote for anyone with an "R" next to their name.

I think that we conservatives are so anti-Obama, (for very good reason) that we are only watching news stories about Obama  and ignoring what Mitt is doing on the campaign trail.

I remember in 2004 a local support group formed of Democrats that were dealing with depression because G.W. won a 2nd term.  We made fun of them, and even talked to the doctor that formed the group.  I understand that Obama can and will do a lot of damage with a 2nd term, but remember his 2nd term will be his last term. He can't run again, we have term limits.

 Republican's always tell people who  have fallen on hard times to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and change the situation, that no matter how hard life is and how bad things are you can better yourself.  Well, can't we Republicans take our own advice if Obama wins a 2nd term?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time crunch

Well, seems sticking to a set time on the podcast has been more of a challenge than we thought.  So, for now, I have to leave it undecided.  Let's just say it will start sometime between 10:30 and 1:00 pm...I will post in Facebook right before we start the show.  So, if you receive Facebook alerts, you will know when we are live.  In any case, many people are listening to the archived shows; which is fantastic.  Kathy and I are having a lot of fun together discussing the issues of the day.  Today we talked about a new article put out by The Washington Examiner.  After a lengthy study of Obama's past, it seems our President has not been completely honest about how he has presented himself over the years to the public.  You can read the article yourself or better yet, listen to today's podcast and here us talk about it. Just click the link in the upper right of this page and it will take you to our podcast page. Thanks for reading, listening, and please follow my blog.

Monday, September 17, 2012

New time

We are going to try doing the daily podcast around 1:00 PM and see how it goes.  Nailing down a regular time has been more difficult than I thought, but I am hopeful this works out.  It is best for us to do the show while our daughter is in school.  Besides, I need some time to regroup after the radio show so I do not wear out my voice. We may do some in the evenings in the future.  I will let you know. For those of you who have been listening, we really appreciate it.  Tune in tomorrow at 1:00 PM to catch us live and call in if you would like. You can listen to all past shows by clicking on my podcast icon at the top right of this page or via The Steve Kane Show page.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

About the Brian Craig Show Podcast

For a long time, I have produced and co-hosted "The Steve Kane Show" here in Southeast Florida.  It is a very popular show and we have a very loyal following.  I love working with Steve and the show is a lot of fun.  However, there are limits to having a radio show.  There are certain things you cannot say or discuss over the talk radio air waves.  Therefore, I decided to start my own daily podcast show online.  Here, I am not limited to certain topics, words, or subject matter.  It will be a show where nothing is off limits and no caller is turned away.  The show will air Monday through Friday (sometimes on Saturday) on Blog Talk Radio.  If you do not catch the show live, you can listen to the archived shows.  Just click on the link to the upper right and you will be directed to my Blog Talk Radio Page.  I have not committed to a set time as of yet.  I am waiting to see what works best for me and the audience.  PS, my wife Kathy is co-hosting with me so I better be careful since she knows all of my secrets.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Official Show

Well, I had my first "official" podcast show and we had quite a few listeners.  My wife joined me as a co host and will probably do that quite often.  We would love to hear from you.  We will not just be discussing politics, so tune in daily at 11:00 AM on to hear the conversation and to join in as well. Here is the link to my blogtalkradio page.  You can also click the logo at the top right of this blog. You can tune in live or listen anytime.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost ready.

I will have "The Brian Craig Show" podcast up and running this week.  I have yet to decide on a time, but the podcast will run daily live on <> You will be able to call into the live show! All you will need to do is come to this site and click on the show logo and you will be taken to my live podcast page.  If you miss the live show, you can listen to the archived shows either on this blog or on <>
Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates and commentary.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Brian Craig Radio Show/Podcast

Those of you living in South Florida are very familiar with radio personality, Brian Craig.  Well, now in addition to listening to Brian on "The Steve Kane Show" weekdays from 6-9 AM, you can listen to Brian's new daily podcast.  It will broadcast live on ? and will also be accessible 24 hours a day on this blog.  Brian will continue to discuss politics as well as current issues.  Occasionally, he will conduct interviews and have guest hosts join him on the air.  Please feel free to post any comments or questions and be sure to follow "The Brian Craig Show" on Facebook and Twitter.