Sunday, September 16, 2012

About the Brian Craig Show Podcast

For a long time, I have produced and co-hosted "The Steve Kane Show" here in Southeast Florida.  It is a very popular show and we have a very loyal following.  I love working with Steve and the show is a lot of fun.  However, there are limits to having a radio show.  There are certain things you cannot say or discuss over the talk radio air waves.  Therefore, I decided to start my own daily podcast show online.  Here, I am not limited to certain topics, words, or subject matter.  It will be a show where nothing is off limits and no caller is turned away.  The show will air Monday through Friday (sometimes on Saturday) on Blog Talk Radio.  If you do not catch the show live, you can listen to the archived shows.  Just click on the link to the upper right and you will be directed to my Blog Talk Radio Page.  I have not committed to a set time as of yet.  I am waiting to see what works best for me and the audience.  PS, my wife Kathy is co-hosting with me so I better be careful since she knows all of my secrets.