Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time crunch

Well, seems sticking to a set time on the podcast has been more of a challenge than we thought.  So, for now, I have to leave it undecided.  Let's just say it will start sometime between 10:30 and 1:00 pm...I will post in Facebook right before we start the show.  So, if you receive Facebook alerts, you will know when we are live.  In any case, many people are listening to the archived shows; which is fantastic.  Kathy and I are having a lot of fun together discussing the issues of the day.  Today we talked about a new article put out by The Washington Examiner.  After a lengthy study of Obama's past, it seems our President has not been completely honest about how he has presented himself over the years to the public.  You can read the article yourself or better yet, listen to today's podcast and here us talk about it. Just click the link in the upper right of this page and it will take you to our podcast page. Thanks for reading, listening, and please follow my blog.