Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will Republicans vote for anyone with an "R" next to their name?

I'm hearing from conservative friends that Mitt Romney isn't running a good campaign. They tell me they don't see him on TV, or read much about what he's doing.  I'm also hearing people say that Obama is ahead in the polls in the  Battleground states. Are those the polls that are over sampling Democrats?

Romney may not be the best candidate for us true conservatives, (I voted for Newt in the Florida Primary) but any Republican would have our vote, no matter who they are. 

Maybe Mitt is running a smart campaign by going after people who don't vote for anyone with an "R" next to their name.

I think that we conservatives are so anti-Obama, (for very good reason) that we are only watching news stories about Obama  and ignoring what Mitt is doing on the campaign trail.

I remember in 2004 a local support group formed of Democrats that were dealing with depression because G.W. won a 2nd term.  We made fun of them, and even talked to the doctor that formed the group.  I understand that Obama can and will do a lot of damage with a 2nd term, but remember his 2nd term will be his last term. He can't run again, we have term limits.

 Republican's always tell people who  have fallen on hard times to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and change the situation, that no matter how hard life is and how bad things are you can better yourself.  Well, can't we Republicans take our own advice if Obama wins a 2nd term?