Monday, October 22, 2012

What time period would you love to visit?

Brian and I are sitting here watching a documentary on Broadway in the 1920's.  I guess it is like the movie, "Midnight in Paris;" I want to go back to the 20's...just for a NYC.  How exciting it must have been...Brian feels our time is special and years from now people will wish they could come back here...I me, the early 20th century was so exciting, creative, and romantic...minus the years of 1929-1941 of course.  The depression was no fun for anyone...unless you were an entertainer, I suppose.  Maybe we will discuss it on an upcoming podcast...maybe.  Bring feels this time is the most interesting and exciting...with all the technology and the Internet.  It is a great time, but maybe I am a victim of old movies.  I just romanticize Pre-1950 twentieth century America. What fun it would have been to be a Ziegfeld girl in the 20's!  For me, not for Brian, obviously :) what do you think?