Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Seems I keep forgetting to update this blog :)  It is the holiday season and my memory is not what it once was...anyway, we are gearing up for Thanksgiving...Tomorrow morning we will be delivering food to the needy through our church...after we watch the Macy's parade of course...then Brian, Emily, and I go out to eat every year; it is a tradition... I hate to cook! Our parents go with us, which is nice. I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. Brian and I do not buy each other gifts usually.  We have Emily and some nieces and nephews that come first...we will typically get something we need for the house as a present to us is no big deal.  There is nothing I really need or want anyway...just new lungs and no one can give me that!  So, the show has been cooking this week...  We have been on just over 6 weeks and have already reached 15,000 listeners!  WOW!  You guys rock!  I hope it is entertaining to listen to. Do you think Obama will try to push Susan Rice through as Secty of State?  Do you think she is his special lady friend?  We shall see.  I think he is defending her a little too much...hmmm...have a very Happy show tomorrow, but there may be one later today.  Brian is visiting his dad in the hospital today...he is getting better :) Count your blessings and God bless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Been a little busy...

Sorry I have not been keeping up with Brian's blog in the last few weeks.  I had to get admitted into the hospital for a sinus infection and then I had my annual cardiac cath yesterday. It never ends when you are chronically sick.  In fact...Brian and I wrote a book together about dealing with chronic disease in a marriage.  It is written from my perspective, as the patient, and from Brian's point of view as the caregiver. It is available on in digital format.
Here is the link:
We are also doing another podcast, starting this week, on <> where I am the host and Brian is my co-host.  It is called "In Sickness & Not Health," like our book.  We will be doing a 30 minute show a few times a week dealing specifically with chronic illness and how it affects our lives and our marriage.  I will put a link to the first show as soon as we record it :)

We have a podcast on The Brian Craig Show today at 1:00 PM so please tune in if you can or listen to the archived show my clicking the link on this blog.

Have a nice week, Kathy