Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Been a little busy...

Sorry I have not been keeping up with Brian's blog in the last few weeks.  I had to get admitted into the hospital for a sinus infection and then I had my annual cardiac cath yesterday. It never ends when you are chronically sick.  In fact...Brian and I wrote a book together about dealing with chronic disease in a marriage.  It is written from my perspective, as the patient, and from Brian's point of view as the caregiver. It is available on amazon.com in digital format.
Here is the link:
We are also doing another podcast, starting this week, on <blogtalkradio.com> where I am the host and Brian is my co-host.  It is called "In Sickness & Not Health," like our book.  We will be doing a 30 minute show a few times a week dealing specifically with chronic illness and how it affects our lives and our marriage.  I will put a link to the first show as soon as we record it :)

We have a podcast on The Brian Craig Show today at 1:00 PM so please tune in if you can or listen to the archived show my clicking the link on this blog.

Have a nice week, Kathy