Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now on iTunes!

"The Brian Craig Show" is now on iTunes! Just type the name of the show in the search and you can listen...on another note, anyone out there into extreme couponing? Brian and I watch the show and we want to get into it, but are not sure where to intimidates me...since Florida does not double coupons, we cannot get the massive savings the people on the show get...well see how it goes...any savings is good :) I am tired of talking about gun control, so I am bugging Brian to find something else to discuss...he tells me to come up with ideas, but that is not always easy...guess I'll go search some websites and see what is happening today...we will probably be having a show today at some point, so keep checking Facebook for show updates.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another year almost gone...

Well, here it is the end of 2012 and so much has happened...whew! Obama won reelection, the Mayan calendar did not mark the end of the world, we are still in massive debt, unemployment is still too high, and politicians are still spending too much money...let's hope 2013 is a better one for all Americans. Brian and I were driving around today doing some shopping and we still cannot believe how many places have gone out of business...we drove through two plazas in Parkland and they are both about 50-60% empty...such a bad time for small business...what has Obama done at all to help Americans? I cannot think of a darn week will be the new year. It is my prayer that we will begin to see a long period of prosperity and growth...I hope there is less violence in the media and in the world...with more acts of grateful for those in your life and for the love you have:) Brian and I love doing the show together and we are so grateful for our families and for you! Thanks for following and I will try to update before the end of the year...God bless :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sorry have not posted...

I keep forgetting to update this blog...arrgggh! Anyway, Brian had to go to the hospital today to see his dad...he goes there a few times a week and he thought we could try doing the show while he was on his way this meant I had to take the helm in the studio...I was a little nervous at first, but I have to admit...I kinda liked it better than just calling maybe I can talk him into letting me lead the show more often.  We are gearing up for Christmas...two weeks away now...our daughter's gift list seems to get more and more expensive each year...this year, the iphone 5 is at the top of her list...I don't even have a cell phone myself!  But, of course..we will get her what she wants :)  She is a good kid and deserves it.  Hope you all have a great day and please continue to listen to our daily podcast.