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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama kisses blonde, beautiful Danish Prime Minister next to Michelle

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ObamaCare is the new N-word according to MSNBC

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ObamaCare is the new N-word according to MSNBC

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Obama has lost the Youth!!!!!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

"Is My Child Autistic or Delayed?"

Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a book written for parents and professionals to explore autism concerns and developmental delays in children. The book is written by Susan Louise Peterson, a school psychologist who has conducted over 1000 assessments on young children with possible developmental delays and autism concerns. The book is parent friendly written in easy to understand language. Parent concerns in the areas of communication, stereotyped behaviors, social interaction, unusual behaviors and daily living are presented with a school psychologist's perspective of the concern. The book is also geared to help professionals as it gives an overview of autism characteristics. Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? even discusses the 'wrong reasons' a parent may want a diagnosis of autism for a child. The multidisciplinary team approach is discussed in the decision making process of whether a child is delayed or has autism characteristics. Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? gives a nice overview of both parent and professional concerns. Parent concerns in the book include topics such as the type and timing of a referral, cultural issues related to autism, inconsistent living patterns and medical concerns of the child. There is a look at the child's 'purposeful behaviors' to understand delays or autism characteristics. Professional concerns examined in the book include the type of training of the professional, the type of autism assessments and the types of information and behaviors reported that may influence the decision making process of whether a child is autistic or delayed. Is My Child Autistic or Delayed? is a wonderful resource for parents (and professionals) beginning the process of an educational assessment for possible autism concerns and developmental delays. The ebook format of the book was recently selected as the Silver Winner of the 2013 Global Ebook Awards.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Should Conservatives form a 3rd Party and make The Tea Party the Conservative Party? [PODCAST]

A lot of my conservative friends keep telling me the GOP is filled with RINO's, Republican's in name only. I feel that way most of the time myself. Is it time we conservatives make the Tea Party our official party and leave the Republican Party behind?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A woman with 6 kids asks who will feed her kids when her Food Stamp card doesn't work [PODCAST]

When you listen to a woman with 6 kids asking who is going to feed her kids, you might get angry. I don't get angry, people like her are lost. They know no different. I get mad at the Dems for creating a cultural of dependency in America. This isn't a woman with 6 kids who needs government help to feed them, she is a woman who has 6 kids because the government will take care of them and her. Government dependency is one of Obama's major goals with ObamaCare. Under ObamaCare kids no longer become adults at 18 but at 26! At 26 I was married and owned my first house. Obama understands that people who are dependent on the government will vote Democrat. Obama wants to do the white community what Democrats have done to the black community, and that's make white's dependent on government as much as the woman with 6 kids is.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Brother can you spare a ObamaCare Policy?" The face of Obama's America's

The Brian Craig Show 10/03 by The Brian Craig Show | Politics Conservative Podcasts

Is Obama an American in name only? [PODCAST]

Obama has been shutting down things that need not to be shutdown.  He is punishing people for not bending to his will.  This is the sign of a wannabe dictator testing the limits of his power and seeing how much he can get away with.  Next time he will push more.

He has harassed our World War II veterans because he doesn't respect them.  He doesn't look at America's WWII veterans as men who accomplish something great for the world. He views them as an army that established what Obama and his radical friends call, "The American Empire."

Even if Obama was born in Hawaii that doesn't make him one of us, an American.  Obama does not think like an American or even have an American perspective on things.

Obama learned well from Bill Ayres and Frank Marshall Davis who read "Rules for Radicals" as a bedtime story to him. What he learned was, America is the root cause of all evil in the world.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Brian Craig Show has Partnered with "!"

"The Brian Craig Show" has partnered and is being carried by is Right Wing Talk from The Left Coast of California.

The future of Talk Radio is on the Net and has a lineup of great Conservative hosts who are not holding back when it comes to taking on the Obama Regime and keeping the Republican Establishment accountable. broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

"The Brian Craig Show" is proud to a a part of  Take a listen and you will find your new favorite online Talk Radio Station.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beck: Obama Can 'Get Away With Murder Because He's Likeable And He's Black'

A Puzzled Ed Schultz Marvels: 'It Amazes Me That People Don't Love Obama' Read more:

Dems can't understand why they lost in Colorado

Democrats have a vote fraud operation in this country that is a tough machine to overcome.  You see counties in swing states have more votes come in than people who live in the county.  This happens through their vote fraud.

Most of the fraud comes from the mail in ballot. In Colorado the Democrats expected to win the recall. Since they didn't expect not to win they didn't put into action the mail in vote fraud machine.

Watch this recalled Dem explain her defeat.  When you listen to her explain her defeat she keeps going back to voter suppression with the mail in ballots.

Ann coulters new book:Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican

Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama's Vietnam is Syria

Obama is openly arming the Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria.  While the United States arms the rebels, Russia is arming the Syrian Military.  This is how Vietnam started.  We send advisors and weapons to one side while the Russians did the same to the other side.  Will anyone in the media pick this up?

CNN Reports: Official says CIA-funded weapons have begun to reach Syrian rebels; rebels deny receipt

George Zimmerman has been cheating on his wife with this Blonde Bimbo

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama must be pissed!!!!!! Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!!!

There has not been a case in many years that shows that the American jury system works.

When OJ or Casey Anthony, people who are clearly guilty, get away with murder it shows how imperfect the jury system can be.

Pundits, and legal experts use cases like those to show that while we have the best justice system in the world the price for this system is that sometimes the guilty go free.

With George Zimmerman being found not guilty by a jury means we can all take comfort that even in Obama's America  the system can work.

We are living in the "Age of Obama" now.  What that means to people like Al Shaprton and Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC is that it's time to get revenge on white people.

We now have leaders of groups like the NAACP and the Urban League calling on Obama to bring Federal charges against Zimmerman.

They want to put him on trial again and again until they get the verdict they want, then they will claim justice was done.

Justice has been done.  This President pushed to have Zimmerman arrested and put on trial. Obama got his way, but the jury disagreed with him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

We now know why Obama organized the Sanford protests

Since Judical Watch broke the story that Obama organized the protests in Sanford, Florida that led to the arrest and trial of George Zimmerman, people have been assuming he did it because Trayvon was black.

Watching the coverage of the Zimemrman trial on MSNBC you can see that  the real reason Obama organized the protests was not race  but was to further his gun grab.

Like any good dictator getting the guns out of the hands of citizens is at the top of the agenda, and Obama wasted no time in going after our guns.

In the early days of his Presidency Obama & Holder launched Fast and Furious.  That operation was to show that gun stores were selling guns illegally. If they could prove that Obama could make moves on his gun grab.

Remember that George Zimmerman is a licensed concealed weapons permit holder.  He had his legally owned gun with him that night, and one charge that was not brought against him in trial was that he had a gun in his possession illegally.

Florida like many other states has a Stand your Ground Law. It's a simple law, so simple in fact I'm surprised we need a law to spell out Stand your Ground.  It simply says you have a right to defend your life when someone is about to take  yours.

If Zimmerman had a gun illegally in his possession he would have been arrested and charged with a felony.  Obama doesn't like the fact that Americans can legally own and carry guns for self protection.

If Obama can get a conviction of George Zimmerman he can show how dangerous and deadly legally owned weapons are, and that carry laws are equally as deadly.

Oh yes, and let's not forget Stand your Ground.  The Libs want to overturn all of the Stand your Ground Laws.  Obama plans to make Zimmerman and Trayvon the  Roe v. Wade on his gun grab.

Watch Toure on MSNBC give you the Lib idea of what Stand your Ground Laws are.   

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Obama stole the election. Watch this video and see how Obama did it.

To steel an election Obama doesn't have to commit fraud everywhere. It only has to be done in swing states and only in certain areas in those swing states. This video shows how Obama stole the election. The fraud is with the absentee ballot.

Members of the "Religion of Peace" (Islam) in Egypt throw rivals off the roof to their death.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC reports that Trayvon Martin's mom identified the "Help" as Trayvon, but failed to mention Zimmerman's mom testifyes it was her son George yelling "Help"

This is a Text Book example Left Wing Racist propaganda. If you didn't see the trial on TV and just watched MSNBC you would think it was proven in court that the cry for "Help" was Trayvon. It wasn't. Both moms took the stand and said it was their son yelling "Help." This is presented this way by MSNBC so that when Zimmerman is found NOT GUILTY they can promote it as an injustice.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Gay Activists Commit Violent Hate Crime by Attacking and Beating a Christian Preacher.

Life Site News has the original story

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Listen to the latest "Brian Craig Show Podcast"

Is Marco Rubio a traitor to the Tea Party after he pushed for amensty for illegals? Can Allen West beat Rubio in a primary? Do blacks use racial slurs towards whites when white people are not around? A black caller to the show says yes they do.

ABC News Defends Alec Baldwin, Calls Homophobic Attack 'Alleged Slur'

The Libs will tell you that Republicans are racist, homophobes who hate women.

 Paula Deen is a lifelong Democrat who used her Food Network Show and celebrity to help Obama get elected in 2008.

Alec Baldwin once said Republicans impeaching Clinton should be stoned to death along with their families.  Alec's rant on killing members of Congress and their families on Conan has been scrubbed from the Internet by NBC, claiming copyright infringement.

This time he makes homophobic comments and the Left defend him

 Here's the father of the year calling his daughter a "Thoughtless little pig."

 ..but of course it's the Right that are racist, homophobes who hate women.

 Check out Alec Baldwin's failed attempt at hosting a talk radio show. It starts at about the 2 minute mark

White men need not apply

Many blacks feel they have a right even an obligation to discriminate against white people, in particular white men.

They tell themselves it is to make up for past injustices.  These are injustices that none of them experienced and none of us took part in.

Martin Luther King's dream was not to get even with whites, but for people of all colors to be treated equally.

Now we have North Carolina County Commissioner Kim Ratliff.  Her county is looking for a new county manager.  She said in an interview white men can apply but they will not be hired.

Paula Deen makes a comments decades ago about a black man who held a loaded gun to her head and a national dialog starts on white on black racism.  This story of black on white discrimination happens TODAY and the Libs on MSNBC & CNN want nothing to so with it.

 This story shows how the civil rights movement has failed. 


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

I owe George Zimmerman an apology

I have been siding against George Zimmerman from almost day one in this case. I have seen the testimony in the courtroom and have still been on the side of a conviction of George Zimmerman.

Today I watched this video of George Zimmerman, the day after the incident, before he was lawyered up, walking the detectives through the events of that night.

I saw this video last year when it was first released. Now with the neighbors testifying in court telling what they saw that night, this video is put in context.

He takes the detectives through every moment that led up to the shooting.  This video would without question bring back a not guilty verdict from the jury.

This video makes somethings very clear!

First,  Zimmerman did not follow Trayvon to the back of the houses.  Prior to seeing this I was under the impression that he followed Trayvon.  He got out of his car and walked to find a street sign and address so he could tell the police operator where to send the police.

Second, Zimmerman didn't confront Trayvon.  He was walking back to his truck when Trayvon approached him and confronted Zimmerman.

Third, Trayvon was beating Zimmerman's head on the sidewalk which certainly could have killed him.

Finally, Zimmerman didn't go for his gun first. Trayvon reached for Zimmerman's gun.  Zimmerman only took out his gun and used it because Trayvon was going for it.  If Trayvon didn't go for Zimmerman's gun he would not have been shot.

There are several other points made in this video that show George Zimmerman is not guilty of murder.

Watch the video yourself, leave your comments and share this post with the video.  This video is important for everyone who is following this case and it needs to be seen.

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