Sunday, June 30, 2013

White men need not apply

Many blacks feel they have a right even an obligation to discriminate against white people, in particular white men.

They tell themselves it is to make up for past injustices.  These are injustices that none of them experienced and none of us took part in.

Martin Luther King's dream was not to get even with whites, but for people of all colors to be treated equally.

Now we have North Carolina County Commissioner Kim Ratliff.  Her county is looking for a new county manager.  She said in an interview white men can apply but they will not be hired.

Paula Deen makes a comments decades ago about a black man who held a loaded gun to her head and a national dialog starts on white on black racism.  This story of black on white discrimination happens TODAY and the Libs on MSNBC & CNN want nothing to so with it.

 This story shows how the civil rights movement has failed.