Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama must be pissed!!!!!! Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!!!

There has not been a case in many years that shows that the American jury system works.

When OJ or Casey Anthony, people who are clearly guilty, get away with murder it shows how imperfect the jury system can be.

Pundits, and legal experts use cases like those to show that while we have the best justice system in the world the price for this system is that sometimes the guilty go free.

With George Zimmerman being found not guilty by a jury means we can all take comfort that even in Obama's America  the system can work.

We are living in the "Age of Obama" now.  What that means to people like Al Shaprton and Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC is that it's time to get revenge on white people.

We now have leaders of groups like the NAACP and the Urban League calling on Obama to bring Federal charges against Zimmerman.

They want to put him on trial again and again until they get the verdict they want, then they will claim justice was done.

Justice has been done.  This President pushed to have Zimmerman arrested and put on trial. Obama got his way, but the jury disagreed with him.