Sunday, October 13, 2013

A woman with 6 kids asks who will feed her kids when her Food Stamp card doesn't work [PODCAST]

When you listen to a woman with 6 kids asking who is going to feed her kids, you might get angry. I don't get angry, people like her are lost. They know no different. I get mad at the Dems for creating a cultural of dependency in America. This isn't a woman with 6 kids who needs government help to feed them, she is a woman who has 6 kids because the government will take care of them and her. Government dependency is one of Obama's major goals with ObamaCare. Under ObamaCare kids no longer become adults at 18 but at 26! At 26 I was married and owned my first house. Obama understands that people who are dependent on the government will vote Democrat. Obama wants to do the white community what Democrats have done to the black community, and that's make white's dependent on government as much as the woman with 6 kids is.