Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is Obama an American in name only? [PODCAST]

Obama has been shutting down things that need not to be shutdown.  He is punishing people for not bending to his will.  This is the sign of a wannabe dictator testing the limits of his power and seeing how much he can get away with.  Next time he will push more.

He has harassed our World War II veterans because he doesn't respect them.  He doesn't look at America's WWII veterans as men who accomplish something great for the world. He views them as an army that established what Obama and his radical friends call, "The American Empire."

Even if Obama was born in Hawaii that doesn't make him one of us, an American.  Obama does not think like an American or even have an American perspective on things.

Obama learned well from Bill Ayres and Frank Marshall Davis who read "Rules for Radicals" as a bedtime story to him. What he learned was, America is the root cause of all evil in the world.