Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Is Marco Rubio a traitor to the Tea Party after he pushed for amensty for illegals? Can Allen West beat Rubio in a primary? Do blacks use racial slurs towards whites when white people are not around? A black caller to the show says yes they do.

ABC News Defends Alec Baldwin, Calls Homophobic Attack 'Alleged Slur'

The Libs will tell you that Republicans are racist, homophobes who hate women.

 Paula Deen is a lifelong Democrat who used her Food Network Show and celebrity to help Obama get elected in 2008.

Alec Baldwin once said Republicans impeaching Clinton should be stoned to death along with their families.  Alec's rant on killing members of Congress and their families on Conan has been scrubbed from the Internet by NBC, claiming copyright infringement.

This time he makes homophobic comments and the Left defend him

 Here's the father of the year calling his daughter a "Thoughtless little pig."

 ..but of course it's the Right that are racist, homophobes who hate women.

 Check out Alec Baldwin's failed attempt at hosting a talk radio show. It starts at about the 2 minute mark

White men need not apply

Many blacks feel they have a right even an obligation to discriminate against white people, in particular white men.

They tell themselves it is to make up for past injustices.  These are injustices that none of them experienced and none of us took part in.

Martin Luther King's dream was not to get even with whites, but for people of all colors to be treated equally.

Now we have North Carolina County Commissioner Kim Ratliff.  Her county is looking for a new county manager.  She said in an interview white men can apply but they will not be hired.

Paula Deen makes a comments decades ago about a black man who held a loaded gun to her head and a national dialog starts on white on black racism.  This story of black on white discrimination happens TODAY and the Libs on MSNBC & CNN want nothing to so with it.

 This story shows how the civil rights movement has failed. 


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

I owe George Zimmerman an apology

I have been siding against George Zimmerman from almost day one in this case. I have seen the testimony in the courtroom and have still been on the side of a conviction of George Zimmerman.

Today I watched this video of George Zimmerman, the day after the incident, before he was lawyered up, walking the detectives through the events of that night.

I saw this video last year when it was first released. Now with the neighbors testifying in court telling what they saw that night, this video is put in context.

He takes the detectives through every moment that led up to the shooting.  This video would without question bring back a not guilty verdict from the jury.

This video makes somethings very clear!

First,  Zimmerman did not follow Trayvon to the back of the houses.  Prior to seeing this I was under the impression that he followed Trayvon.  He got out of his car and walked to find a street sign and address so he could tell the police operator where to send the police.

Second, Zimmerman didn't confront Trayvon.  He was walking back to his truck when Trayvon approached him and confronted Zimmerman.

Third, Trayvon was beating Zimmerman's head on the sidewalk which certainly could have killed him.

Finally, Zimmerman didn't go for his gun first. Trayvon reached for Zimmerman's gun.  Zimmerman only took out his gun and used it because Trayvon was going for it.  If Trayvon didn't go for Zimmerman's gun he would not have been shot.

There are several other points made in this video that show George Zimmerman is not guilty of murder.

Watch the video yourself, leave your comments and share this post with the video.  This video is important for everyone who is following this case and it needs to be seen.

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