WHCD was a hate-filled bust.

Well Brian and I watched the WHCD online.  Like most people, we had never heard of Michelle Wolf until today...and now the entire world has heard of her. It is such a strange coincidence that she was chosen to speak just as her new show is set to launch on Netflix. Brian and I cancelled our membership months ago because Netflix clearly has a left wing agenda.  Anyway, I have to say politics aside...I did not find Wolf very funny at all.  She was mean-spirited, hostile, and very Andrew Dice Clay-ish in her anti-woman "jokes" as well. She told one funny joke regarding Rachel Maddow, about how she never gets to the point and something about the Byzantine Empire that made me chuckle for half a second. Her hate-filled tirade seemed so hypocritical to me.  The left apparently never learned the concept "two wrongs don't make a right" from their moms when they were growing up.  If they dislike Trump so much because he is a bully, bigoted, and anti-female why do they feel the need to sink to his level in response. It makes no sense to me.  The WHCD is to celebrate free speech...so Wolf certainly has the right to say what she wants no matter how nasty and hateful it may be...but how does having a vile "comedy" routine celebrate free speech...the media are already seen in such a negative light by most of the country...their approval rating is in the single digits after all...this is not the best way to highlight their "ahem" achievements. The left get mad at Trump for saying the "P" word in private yet they bring out a woman to say it multiple times in public...maybe since she is a woman it is okay...right? Like blacks can say the "N" word? Michelle Obama not so long ago famously said, "When they go low...we go high." Way to go Dems. The left are showing over and over their true colors.  They have been able to hide their true bigotry and anti-American feelings for decades but their hatred of Trump has brought all of that deep-seeded anger always bubbling just below the surface to a big pus-filled head. We will see what happens in November with the mid-term elections but I have a feeling last nights WHCD did not do the Dems or the media any favors. 

Brian Craig