Another shooting

Sadly another school shooting took place this past week.  As a former teacher and mother my heart truly aches for the school...the victims...and the witnesses of this horrible event.  Let's get this straight immediately..more gun laws will NOT stop this from happening again.  Here is the I see it...apparently this student was bullied and embarrassed publicly by some teachers and students at the school...a week ago a girl he asked out and was pursuing aggressively embarrassed him in front of other kids to get him to leave her alone...maybe these events caused him to, bullying and public embarrassment have been a part of school since school began I am sure...I had to deal with it...Brian my husband had to deal with it...and many all over the country deal with it every day...however, I see a greater issue.  Kids cannot cope with rejection. We are raising a generation of kids who cannot handle the slightest criticism...they have been coddled and catered to by everyone...sure there is bullying which seems at first to contradict what I am saying here...but the two are not mutually exclusive...they are actually codependent upon each other.  Now, I am not saying parents or teachers should be mean to their kids to try to keep them from getting "soft," but perhaps not giving in to them all the time and actually making them accountable would help.  Teach them that life does not always give them what they fact most of the time it doesn't...and when that happens...shooting up a school is not the answer...instead...get some help if they need it...Schools teach the same stuff now as they taught me thirty years ago...the same math...same history...same sciences...there needs to be a change in the curriculum...teach kids healthy ways to groups activities that encourage social interaction.  Kids retreat into their cyber worlds, social media accounts, and gaming platforms to escape real life...instead of dealing with life.  Parents are too busy working or getting divorces to take their kids out fishing...or playing baseball...or even talk...they allow their children to tweet...use instagram...text incessantly...this is so unhealthy and teaches children NOTHING about coping with real life are now raised not only wanting their 15 minutes of fame...but they actually have a platform to make it happen. Another thing...make schools safer..don't just talk about it! If Disney can handle thousands of people a day and keep the parks safe...schools can do the same thing and implement the same safety measures...this is a new time we are living in...guns are not have changed...they are using violence to cope with rejection and with life...this is a learned behavior...put metal detectors at every school...use minimal entrances for students and have teachers enforce the rules strictly and report students who are acting suspicious without worrying about offending anyone...times have changed and we need to change with them. 

Brian Craig