Meghan is no feminist...




  1. the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

On paper one can say that Meghan Markle is a feminist...she seems to be a truly modern woman in every sense of the word...a person that makes her own decisions and lives by her own rules...but in reality she is far from one.  The self-proclaimed feminist met Harry Windsor and married into the Royal Family in a whirlwind romance for the ages. The wedding was beautiful and she is a very pretty and stylish woman. She is also passionate about philanthropy as well...which is a great quality to have...and marrying Harry will certainly give her plenty of opportunities to help others around the world. Perhaps that was a key selling point for her when she decided to say "Yes" to the ginger prince months ago.  However, did she really think things through? Meghan's acting career has not yet reached "A-list" status but she was on her way.  I was surprised to find out she had been acting for a decade.  Before I heard of their engagement I had never heard of this woman..and I am guessing I am not alone here..she has been in commercials and has had bit parts in TV shows and some movies...she has certainly paid her dues and just needed that one big break...of course dating Harry was enough to make her a household name, which it did, and would have certainly catapulted her to the next level of the stardom she had worked so hard to obtain. Yet, Meghan chose to take an entirely different path...all for love...but, is she really the true feminist icon she claims herself to be? I say no way! Meghan Markle gave up her career, her life, her last name, and her own country...all for a man.  Now this is certainly her right as a "modern" woman...but it sounds more like something a 19th century woman would do...would a true feminist make so many drastic changes...all for a man? I don't think so...Now, I see her completely conforming to the Royal's strict rules...she has to wear pantyhose...something I am sure she did not do before, since most women find them very restrictive and the absolute epitome of the perfect prissy female...she has to wear certain colors of nail polish...she has to always look good...always say the right thing...always smile...always fall in me...this is the antithesis of feminism...what happened to bra burning and being your own woman? She is Harry's woman now...she belongs to England and to the Royal Family...she is no longer her own person...she now has to follow their rules and will be fun for awhile and there are certainly many perks to being a Duchess...but, the novelty will wear off and eventually this Royal life will become the albatross around her neck that she will desperately want to tear off and run away from.  Her life will be constantly under scrutiny and her actions and words will be for the entire world to comment on and judge. Her life is no longer hers...she belongs to Harry and his family now...they will dictate what she says, does, and eventually thinks...and I personally think this will get old very quickly...Meghan is not some young impressionable 25 year old...she is not British in spirit...she is an American and was raised to think for herself...she is not used to so much conformity yet she just signed up for a lifetime of it...all for a man  She is 36...set in her ways and used to being a "feminist." She is used to dictating her own life and making her own choices...this is no longer the case...Meghan Markle may have been a feminist...but she gave up that title when she adopted the Title of Duchess of Sussex.


Brian Craig