Rosanne and Samantha Bee

Oh what a week it has been on Twitter.  Rosanne tweeted a "racist" comment about a former Obama employee and Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump the "C" people are making comparisons between the two saying if Rosanne lost her show, Samantha Bee should lose hers as well. Oh this is the word we live in....and it makes me so sad.  I don't like what either woman said...let me be clear...however, I think when networks start cancelling shows based on what people say it is a very slippery slope.  ABC seems to be on a canceling spree these days...they cancelled "The Great American Baking Show," although I just read they are bringing it back...they cancelled "The Chew," and now "Rosanne." They either have a programming problem or a cancelling problem...or both.  When they rebooted Rosanne, they knew very well she was a Trump person and a controversial comedian...aren't most comedians controversial after all...they knew what they were getting into...the show has been a HUGE success for the network and has paved the way, I am certain, for even more reboots...I am hoping for Seinfeld but doubt that will happen...I am a fan of Rosanne and her comedy..and her politics of course...however, I do feel her tweet was very irresponsible given the fact that she now works for ABC and has so many people working on this show...she is the star and with that comes some responsibility...she should have known is no longer about is about who she represents...the Trump people...ABC...and the actors on her show..still, I do not think she foresaw this is extreme as far as I am concerned...I do not think cancelling a show over a tweet is a good business decision...the network seems to act very emotionally when it comes to their programming...which to me is not good business and setting a bad precedent....this is the same network that hired Tonya Harding to be on DWTS...a woman who possibly orchestrated an assault on another athlete...which is worse? Saying something "mean" or attacking an American Olympian physically? Not too long ago they even had Nancy Kerrigan on the same show! Their programming choices and cancellation policies are dubious indeed.  As far as Rosanne goes a sincere apology would have sufficed and in a week people would have calmed down and on to the next offensive thing to get all upset about. We are living in a society now where people express their opinions on twitter...people react almost instantly...and then people are punished swiftly and harshly...we are raising our children to be easily offended and think of themselves as victims. I do not like what Rosanne tweeted and I am not sure if she really did not know Valerie Jarret was biracial...does not matter to me...her tweet was rude and unwarranted...but I do not feel it was deserving of cancelling the most popular show on television right now...besides when you really get down to it this was about Trump...make no mistake about it...she is a pro-Trump person who had a platform and a very large and receptive audience... I do not think ABC anticipated this...she had a target on her back and this is why her show was cancelled...if she was a Hillary person her show would still be on the air...she gave them a reason and for that I am mad at her. Her show could have changed perceptions about Trump supporters...we are vilified and mocked on a daily basis...but with her tweet she gave them the ammunition they needed to brand her and all of us far as Samantha Bee goes...I do not like what she was crude and classless...but I never heard of her before today...and that is probably why she said what she said.

Brian Craig