Guiliani...friend or foe?

I have to say I am mixed on my feelings when it comes to Rudy Guiliani...I know he is a long-time friend of Trump...and I was thrilled when he joined the team to help the POTUS traverse his way through this Mueller mess...but his interviews this week have left me feeling a little confused.  Is he helping Trump or hitting him? My initial reaction was "Oh no! This is not good," but then I quickly recovered and realized Trump is in control and this is all part of his master plan...but, then The Donald came out on TV and said Rudy didn't know all the facts and had lots to maybe he did speak out of turn? It is a little confusing as to what is fact and what is rumor. Regardless, Rudy keeps doing interviews and giving the left more ammunition to work with...from their perspective of course...but they always find a way to take anything and turn it into a negative against the President...however, considering how short-lived some of these positions on Trump's team are Guiliani needs to be on the same page as the President.  If he is creating more problems for him Trump could cut him loose...after all, that is what he does; which he is entitled to do. I don't care what the main stream media thinks because the left will hate him no matter what he does.  They will spin everything his team says to push their anti-Trump narrative.  I believe there is an unsubstantiated deep state effort (on both sides) to not only stop his agenda, but to permanently malign his reputation, destroy his presidency, and of course stop him from being reelected. I would like to see the President address all of this in a press conference or some other way.  I know he does not want to give validity to this mess...I am talking about Mueller and Stormy...but there are conflicting stories now...from his own team...and I for one would like to hear directly from Trump on these matters. 

Brian Craig