Trumpsters celebrate America while Dems admonish her...again.

Here we are another Fourth of July come and gone.  This holiday is even more significant to me since it falls two days after my it also marks another year I am on this beautiful Earth.  In any case, can we all agree that liberals are just so predictably unAmerican. Every Fourth of July you see them on Twitter, TV, and in the press saying they love they proceed to tell you all that is wrong with her...I mean, can't they take a break for one day and let her be? She is the greatest country in the world...period.  There is no place like her...America is not only the most diverse and beautiful continent on the planet...she contains the nicest and most generous people...but if you listen to the left...its all bad...we are bigots...we are cruel...we oppress...we need to change...the truth is EVERY country has a past...some bad...some good...most of our past is good...but the media never focuses on the positive of course...Europe...who the liberals love to look to as the standard has a much more checkered past...of course it has been around much longer..but country is perfect...but America is certainly the best. It seems the Dems always have something to bitch and complain about...they are never happy or satisfied and let's be clear...they never will be.  I love America and as far as I am concerned if you hate America so are FREE to do so...God bless the USA.

Brian Craig